Thursday, October 31, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Spooky

Week 13 of the challenge brings us the Spooky theme, right in time for Halloween! We celebrate Halloween with gusto at our house, it is "Goth Xmas" after all. The neighbourhood kids come around for the banter and the lollies and everyone gets into the spirit of things, it's lots of fun.

My daughter and I are Supernatural fans, and she has been encouraging me to do an "Abbadon" makeup for quite some time now. The Demon Queen of Hell probably qualifies as a "spooky" theme, right? Here she is in all her glory, looking rather dishevelled.. 

This was a fun makeup to recreate, because it's a very beautifully applied 1950s look that has gotten all messed up. It was interesting to smudge and overblend and make a mess of things in the right way. 

I also pinned my hair up into a nice 1950s style and then deliberately put the bobby pins in incompetently so it would get all dishevelled, It was interesting doing the opposite of all the things I am normally trying to achieve with hair and makeup! 

And then of course there's that gash at the neck - Abbadon's had her head cut off and reattched (it's a long story), so I got out my trusty jar of Kryolan "wet scratch" to get that part done. 

Here's my version of the look - it's not a perfect reproduction by any stretch but I was still pretty happy with it. 

A black leather jacket, jeans, motorcycle boots and I was ready to go!

I thought you might like to see the rest of my spooky house and all the crazy decorating we did to make our house even more creepy than usual. 


Monday, October 28, 2013

Aussie Curves: Retro inc. Bandelettes Review

This is a sponsored post. 

Slowly but surely the days are getting warmer here in Melbourne, and that means it's time to get out all my dresses!

Because I sell vintage patterns on Etsy I spend a lot of time staring at beautiful old fashioned dresses and I think it's really influenced my taste in dresses - I tend to pick up styles that look vintage even when I'm not meaning to. This dress is no exception - it's a really classic cut and has a lovely full skirt. It's from Target, from the straight sized range, and I can just squeeze into the 20 - it's tight in the bust though.

It has a cool graduated print - it's a lot more white than I usually wear but the pattern is so interesting I've made an exception to my usual preferred colours!

There is one issue with wearing dresses in the summer - chafing and heat rash, some people call it "chub rub" but it can happen to women of any size.

When I lived in Queensland I was miserable with it for months at a time - no matter how hot is was I didn't dare wear a dress like this without leggings or bike shorts underneath.

There's always lots of different "remedies" for chafing - some swear by talcum powder, and there's various creams on the market - I never had much luck with any of those.

Recently I was made aware of a new solution - Bandelettes. The people who make these offered to send me a few pairs and sponsored this post where they encouraged me to give my honest opinion.

So, I waited for a warm day, and I put a pair of these babies on, and I went for a nice brisk walk, getting a bit hot and sweaty.. and lo and behold they appear to do exactly what they claim. No chafing or heat rash in sight, and I did my best over a few days to recreate the conditions where it would normally occur for me.

So what are these little wonders? They're simply bands of soft stretch lace - they have a couple of lines of silicone on the insides to help them stay put. They come in 6 different sizes starting with size A - thighs 21"-22" through size F - thighs 31"-32" and in black, beige, red and white colours. I'm told by the experts that the sizing on these is very important - you should measure your thigh while you're standing up, around the top of your thigh where you'd be wanting to wear these. I'd suggest if you are between sizes to go down a size, but that's just personal preference.

I'm being brave and flashing you the red ones here. Of course they're my favourite!

One other advantage of these is they're pretty. Heck, they're downright sexy! I have had a very positive response from the menfolk in my life when wearing these - they definitely read as "sexy stocking tops" to people, which is nice - and a very different reaction to all of my other attempts to prevent chafing - bike shorts or "granny undies" aren't exactly appealing.

I'm definitely going to be favouring my Bandelettes from now on! If you fancy picking up a pair yourself you can do so at


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Spring

Spring has sprung.. but in usual fashion, Brisbane and Sydney have decided to get straight into summer early this year, and Melbourne is still shaking off winter, with cardigans still in high rotation!

For this week's Antipodean Beauties theme I wanted to show off a gorgeous palette I got some time ago now from Mecca Maxima, it's the Stila "in the garden" eyeshadow palette, and I think it really epitomises spring for me.

The colours are all lovely and muted, you can do all sorts of lovely rainbow looks that are still office appropriate - I love how the colours all blend together, the texture of these shadows is really nice.

On my lips, I kept things in theme with my eles costmetics gloss, the colour payoff in these are really amazing and they have great staying power for a gloss.

I tried another new product on my eyes as well - a fibre mascara called "Macro Lash". I've been keen to try one of these for a while to see if they actually live up to they hype. I'll let you be the judge:

Before Macro Lash

After Macro Lash

I think that pretty much speaks for itself!!

Be sure to check out the rest of the Antipodean Beauties participants, and if you're an Aussie or Kiwi beauty blogger, you should totally join us!!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Bellabox October 2013

The bellabox is here once more - and just like last month - there's no box! I find myself a little bit disappointed because I find the boxed useful for all sorts of stuff.. but as they say, it's what's on the inside that counts, right? 

Here's what we got:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Avant Garde

This week's theme for the Antipodean Beauties challenge is Avant Garde - literally "Advance Garde" - it's  a phrase used to describe things that are at the edge of what's fashionable or accepted. This called for something a little bit "out there". 

I did this with a super bright blue pigment from "Naked Cosmetics" and overlaid purple brush strokes from Lush's "Feeling Secure" eyeliner. 

I was going for a kind of a Blade Runner look with this, but also wanted to evoke watercolours and impressionistic brushstrokes - the hypermodern future and the hyerromantic past colliding in one look. 

A robot/android./automaton kind of look? 

Not an everyday look, to be sure, but one I did enjoy putting together very much.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Antipodean Beauties: Red

Red - such an easy colour to wear on the lips, such a challenging colour to wear on the eyes.. but I do love a challenge!

Red is my favourite colour, I can't help but surround myself with it - is it any wonder then that I have collected quite a few red eye-shadows and pigments over the years? I don't wear them very often because red eyeshadow is not an everyday look, not even for me - but I do like to bust them out occasionally.

The red lipstick is the most vibrant scarlet I own - it's Eles Cosmetic's Micro Bubble Red - really a stunning colour full of the "WOW" factor.

I used a little of it on my eyes as a base for the shadows, and also to ensure that tonally the red eyes would work with the red lips! Over the top of it I blended some Mineralogie "Poppy" pigment and some of my Illamasqua "Berber" pigment.

To sharpen it up I topped it off with some black liquid eyeliner (Australis) and loads of mascara (Eles).

I love wearing red and these sorts of wild red makeups are no exception.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Aussie Curves: Stripes

It's funny how things change over time - last year when the "Stripes" theme came up, I barely had any - I wound up showing off some pinstripes, which is all I had. This year, I had a few different things to choose from.

This skirt is a striped item I really like - it's made of a soft tshirt kind of material and it's super comfy. It's also nice and full so it's swishy when I walk, and the heavy weight of the fabric means the breeze leaves it alone. 

I also like that it's cut on the bias, so all the striped sit diagonally, giving the skirt a chevron effect. 
I paired it here with a lace front top, nice and simple for a jaunt to the coffee shop!

I thought I'd give you a peek at my favourite coffee place - it's called Tucci Browns and it's on my side of town at Brighton. It sells the most gorgeous stationery and the very best coffee you have ever tasted. The most snobby of coffee snobs are impressed when I bring them here! 

There's lots of nice places to sit for big and small groups and they have some tasty light meals as well - their "meringue muffins" have to be tasted to be believed. The staff are lovely and friendly and it's become a bit of a "home away from home" for me. On the weekends they have one of the best dish washers around, it's not like I am biased or anything because she's related to me, oh no.

 Good coffee, good company and fun stripes to wear - all mornings should be this good!

There's some more plus sized stuff with stripes below if you fancy a spot of shopping - as always all times are available in at least an Aussie size 20 and ship here to Australia.


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